About Us

Hi there! Welcome to our website, what is your name? Or wait… what are your Initials?

We started with the idea of selling jewelry "initially" :) - see what we did with the name there?


As a "small" company we have a BIG VISION! We are all about good quality and an even better customer service! Because we find personal help and service the most important thing there is.

Our goal was to offer personalized, beautiful and not too pricey jewelry. We succeeded in doing that. We found partners who wanted to make good quality, non fading jewelry for us and we decided not to wait any longer!

Our jewelry, your initials! That makes a great product.

Take a look at our collection and see why we are so enthusiastic about our jewelry!

Do you have any questions for us? Please contact us via the contact form or mail to info@initiallyjewelry.com. We are happy to help and hear from you!

I/J | InitiallyJewelry